Lucid Dreaming and Its Benefits

Lucid Dreaming and Its Benefits

From flying to meeting aliens, all of us had great dreams. While many people have to wake up to realize that they’re dreaming, some don’t have to. What these people experience is called lucid dreaming.

 While lucid means clear, lucid dreaming is more than that. It’s being aware that you’re dreaming.

 Contrary to popular belief, lucid dreaming isn’t an experience that requires magic to happen. In fact, around 50% of people have experienced lucid dreaming at least once in their lives. Additionally, 20% have had lucid dreams once a month.

 Lucid dreaming isn’t just about being aware of your dreams though. It has benefits that can help you in real life.

 A study revealed that frequent lucid dreamers are better at solving insight problems (e.g. problem-solving) than non-lucid dreamers. Other studies have shown that lucid dreamers can improve their skills in real life by dreaming of practicing them.

 Lucid dreaming can also benefit those with mental issues, as it can help improve mental health in general.

 Without a doubt, dreaming (except nightmares, of course) is a wonderful experience that often leaves us wanting for more. But if recognizing our emotions and thoughts while dreaming brings great benefits, then it’s time to practice lucid dreaming.

By Sam Morgan